Web Records were altered in the Amaravati Land Scam



2020-10-07 16:51:43

As the two key persons accused in the Amaravati land scam were arrested, it was revealed how the assigned lands were sold and utilized for land pooling.

On Wednesday, the Thullur police arrested Anne Sudhir Babu, a retired tehsildar along with Gummadi Suresh, a RE businessman. Police, in the remand report submitted to the court, stated that the fabricated online land records were utilized in the illegal transfer of lands. These lands, which were transferred through this wrongful manner belonged to the people of the scheduled caste community.

Under the land ceiling process in Pedalanka of Rayapudi village, over 7.4 acres of land was surrendered to the state government. Police informed that one Yalamanchali Suraiah along with his two sons got the land assigned to the scheduled caste community by getting it registered in the favor of Gummadi Suresh, posing as if the land was their own.

When the land was registered in the favor of Gummadi, he then, in turn, executed a sale deed to Valluri Srinivasa Babu as a GPA holder. For the registration purpose, in order to support their claim, Gummadi submitted pattadar passbook, a title deed, and other documents that were issued by the then tehsildar, Anne Sudhir Babu.

Sudhir Babu had created forged documents by making changes in the revenue records in complicity with Gummadi Suresh and others. Sudhir Babu had issued six distinct reports having different dates to the CRDA. He had also changed their classification from “assigned land” to “Patta Land” and vice-versa as a cover-up operation.

Valluri Srinivasa Babu is the third accused in the land scam. He had offered the assigned land to CRDA for the pooling purpose so that he can get benefits (returnable plots/annuity) from the land pooling scheme. Valluri Srinivasa Babu is yet to be arrested.

Police say that this case is just the tip of the iceberg and that there exist hundreds of acres of land which have been transferred using similar methods.

-Bhakti Nikalje