Peel-Works looking towards increasing its Warehousing Footprint



2020-09-25 14:57:34

Backed by investors like Unilever and HDFC Bank, Peel-Works is looking to increase its warehousing footprint. The company tends to increase its warehousing footprint at a rapid pace with over six times of growth by the end of the current fiscal year ending March.

The technology startups proposed expansion which is focused on the supply chain management for brick-and-motor retailers will further push the company's warehousing space from the current 80,000 sq. ft. and 16,000 sq. ft. in March to over half a million sq. ft.

Peel-Works founder Sachin Chhabra informed that the company is witnessing exponential growth along with high demand and that the company's tech-based platforms are gaining ground as it makes it easier for neighborhood stores to manage their inventory and place orders.

The company's growth, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown caused due to it has propelled in the last 4 months as indicated by the number of registered stores using the company's platform to procure supplies.

According to Sachin Chhabra, the company, to ensure faster movement and availability of a variety of goods is focusing on increasing the number of warehouses. The company, in the last three months, has increased its warehouses by five times.

Sachin Chhabra informed that the company is planning to increase the number of warehouses by more than six folds from now in the next two to three quarters.

Peel-Work, currently, has around 18,550 stores registered on its retail management platform Taikee across 10 cities and is now planning to expand its reach to over 15 cities by March-end.

-Bhakti Nikalje